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Here you find a overview about past, current and planned projects. Please contact us for further information.

Download: Research Report 2/2022

Sperm whale tracking (2020-2023)

Contact persons: Audun Rikardsen (UiT):, Mari-Anne Blanchet (UiT):, Tiu Simila:

Spatial and temporal analyses of marine mammal vocalizations using unmanned systems (2019-2022)

Marine mammals spend a considerable time under water often vocalizing, and the use of acoustic equipment and suitable methods to interpret the recordings are increasingly important. This postdoc project exploits spatio-temporal behaviour and ecological relationships of whale acoustic occurrence collected by autonomous vehicles under the GLIDER project (Akvaplan-niva) and LoVeOcean Observatory (IMR) in the Nordland region of Northern Norway. Contact persons: Sofia Aniceto (UiT):, Raul Primicerio (UiT):, Lionel Camus (ApN):, Luca Tassara (ApN):, Geir Pedersen (IMR):

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