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  • Norwegian Sperm Whale Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Andenes, about 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. Our aim is to increase knowledge about the ecology of the largest toothed whale living on earth, the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus).

  • The Norwegian Sperm Whale Research Foundation was established in 2020 by whale scientists in close collaboration with a whale-watching company, Seasafari Andenes, which had already invested in research for some years.

  • The overall goal of the Foundation is an increased knowledge of the ecology and life history of male sperm whales in Arctic Norway. 

  • The majority of research on sperm whales has focused on the highly social groups of females and subadult males in the breeding grounds, whereas the life of males migrating to feeding grounds in higher latitudes is largely unknown.

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Currently we do not have capacity for more students/internshipers

We have gotten many requests regarding internships and research possibilities for students. Unfortunately we do not have further capacity regarding 2023.

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Photo ID Catalog

Through our Photo ID Catalog, we hope to make it easy for our audience to compare their own whale photographs to our established sightings. This allows us to build a larger, crowd-sourced database to further enhance our understanding of the lives and travels of sperm whales.


At Norwegian Sperm whale research foundation, we are dedicated to growing and maintaining a complete and accurate database of individual sperm whales sighted near the Norwegian coastline. This database provides useful information for research and conservation projects centered around the sperm whale.

Report your sighting

Did you spot a sperm whale on or near the Norwegian coast? Photos where the tail can be seen in detail can be compared to our Photo ID Catalog.

Follow the link here:

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Norwegian Sperm Whale Foundation

Hamnegata 9, 8480 Andenes, Norway


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